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Multi~Task Carrier

360° Grapple

Brush Shredders

Stump Mills

Tooth & Wheel

The Sneller Attachments

Sneller Stump Mills

275hp & 170hp

  • Revolutionary patented tooth & wheel design.

  • Self-Powered  |  Not hydraulic.

  • Triple sealed lower bearing system.

  • Bearing life up to 7000 hours.

Grind Up To Six Acres Per Day

Sneller Brush Shredders

275hp, 170hp & 60hp

  • Rotating drum & stationary teeth.

  • Clear heavy brush & trees.

  • Self-Powered  |  Not hydraulic.

  • Revolutionary patented tooth & wheel design.

Works On Wet Jobs


Cutting Tooth

  • Exclusive Sneller Design

  • Teeth fit directly into precision-machined cavities in our machines.

  • Easily changed with a punch and hammer

  • A combination of unique design and carbide tip make for FAST...smooth cutting.


Sneller 360° Grapple

  • 360° Continuous rotation

  • No wobble.

  • Solid wrist for accuracy & production.

  • 32” Jaw opening.

360° No Return Point

Self-Powered, Not Hydraulic, Excavator Mounted

Sneller’s self-powered attachments will not limit the carrier’s power or function like hydraulic heads.

Attachments fit your excavator or the Sneller Multi~Task

The Sneller Multi~Task Carrier fitted with the Sneller line of attachments will take your job from start to finish with superb production and professional results. Fit the Multi~Task with the Sneller Brush Shredder for clearing heavy brush and trees or with the Sneller Stump Mill for the industries most cost productive stump removal system available on the market today. The Multi~Task can also be fitted with our shear, bar saw, and 360° Continuous Rotating Grapple attachments; it will also accommodate a hydraulic chain saw for even more uses.

Sneller Hydraulic Brush Shredder

 This heavy well built attachment can be used with a Hydro-Ax operating off the hydraulics or ordered to operate off an engine with other applications.

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