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New    Mach Snell 322-6 Stump Grinder Wheel Now available 

The New Sneller Mach Snell Wheel. Brings tooth holders that change like bolt on teeth , combined with the ease of the sneller M250-2-3 quick change teeth.

the sneller 322 wheel has half of the teeth of our standard wheel for less tooling cost 


Our standard M250  wheel had 6 replaceable block with 3 pockets each that could be replaced on the outside edge and all other pockets were machined into the wheel.  With the 322 system all pocket bolt on and can be replace individually. 

  • The 322-6 wheel, tooth holders have multiple fasteners for redundant holding

  • Fasteners used are easily sourced  standard 3/4"- 10 Bolts and Nuts

  • Bolt holes are bushing protected with hardened spring bushings

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